Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I may be the first person in Saskatchewan....

... to listen to this album. I'm fairly certain I'm the first in Weyburn, and definetly the first in my house. I've been wating a short while for this, and tonight I'm going to hear it right.

Tommorrow a day off from my hectic schedule allows me to devote myself to this musical journey with no distraction... and no compromise.

I just finished taking Bootsy out for a walk. A walk of relaxation where I strip away the stress of the day. Where Bootsy leaves her feces in the field of the junior high I used to go to, keeping her quiet the rest of the night. I also take special care during the walk to relax my body and mind so the I can become engrossed with the music I'm about to hear.

I get home, untie the dog, begin to warm my lava lamp and write the beginning of this blog entry to allow the lamp to warm and my walk to fully soak in. I prepare. I look for the files, load them into my player, carefully arranging them in the order displayed on the webpage. The files are prepared and if the lava lamp would hurry I could stop blabbering on my blog and hit play.

I am excited and apprehensive, I have heard clips sent to me of casual jams and evening mind-fucks... but nothing like this. This is evolution, determination, focus and practice. Elements absent from the casual get togethers I've heard before. This is an album. Could it be funny, confused, eccentric or bland? I have no idea, no expectations, no writing skill.

I hit play....


Soulfood said...

It's the Spice Girls isn't it??


Anonymous said...

Hey what is a cherry disposition? And don't you live alone? Of course you are the first to listen to this album......in your house. And who gave you tommorrow off?? Get to work we need you......ah just kidding have a great night...you and your bladderly challenged dog!