Monday, December 12, 2005

Sorry boutall that

Well folks, first of all no one came even near to guessing the common link in my staff picks this week. But thank you Nathan for your persistent attempts. Next time you're in town, you'll hafta come introduce yourself to Corey. He wants to slap you for filling up his in-box.

I kid, Corey longs for any human contact he can get.

The link of course was John F. Kennedy. Featured prominently in Fog of War, Farenhype 9/11 and Thirteen Days, the kicker was From Russia With Love which was Kennedy's favourite book and the last movie he watched before his life was taken the next day in Dallas.


I don't have my staff picks for this week done just yet, I'll work on them tommorrow, tonight was suprisingly busy.

In other news, I've had an especially bad week (I know where have we heard that before). Something really bad happened in my personal life this week and it's really.... fucked me up. My sense of reality and fairness has really been tested this week and although I've approached the situation with amazing patience and care, I can't help but think it will get worse. Well I guess just be positive and face the problem, don't run from it and hopefully it works out. I know in a couple years it wiil.

Well enough of my negatorivity. I'll be back tommorrow night with some staff pics and who knows.... maybe I'll rant about something else... like some other shitty thing in my massive failure of a life.


Binns said...

Well, I tried. And just to let you know, the only movie I've actually seen was From Russia With Love.

Oh well, maybe next time. Btw, what's the prize anyway? I imagine a free rental, or free viewing of your ass.

Soulfood said...

I still say you should have an installment of "Jeremy's movie Picks for Dummies" And only let me answer.


David Roman said...

Oh Mr. Pilon, you so crazy! Haha. You should do a picks of the week and make it all star wars movie....that would be a tough one.

Pilon, A said...

You should make one in which all the movies have Hilary Duff as a main character.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeremy

What is it with the negative santa thing? Were you molested by a santa as a child???? LOL well my guess is that you will pick all star treck movies and your link is pedophiles (cause you belive my theory that all pedophiles are left handed and watch star treck.....and by the way, SANTA IS RIGHT-HANDED