Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Three Days. Three.

So I'm coming up on 3 uninterrupted days off from work... and really the world. I'm gnna go through my journal these next few days and just kinda meditate on everything... maybe get some stuff together. But along the way, I'd like to share some things from my journal. It's sort of my blog away from the computer. Although I'm far more personal in my journal (thus it is mostly secret) I do often write in it what I would write in my blog for that day. It's also much more expressive, I've got poetry, drawings, random lines of things, quotes, a sample of my dog's hair. That kind of stuff.

Anyways, here's from my post last week,

Top 10 Favourite Concept Albums

Tommy - The Who
Pinkerton - Weezer
The Downward Spiral - NIN
The Redheaded Stranger - Willie Nelson
The Wall - Pink Floyd
The Final Cut - Pink Floyd
The Redheaded Stranger - Willie Nelson
De-Loused in the Comatorium - The Mars Volta
2112 - Rush
Pinkerton - Weezer
American Idiot - Green Day
Ok Computer - Radiohead
Pinkerton - Weezer

And a poem from last fall when I went camping with Rob and Kat.

I found a black berry
soft like a baby
deep red of dry blood
broken open to taste bitter cherry
Rob reminds me
of natural poisons

in berries


Pilon, A said...

Ok, that's 12 albmuns and you repeated one.

Danny said...

he repeated 2 one 4 times