Monday, June 19, 2006

I did the opposite of what I said - Plus the SaskBlog meet.

Ok so I went and voted, but did not get out to give blood. Just didn't have time. The clinic is a real hike from where I live, and I didn't have enough time to walk there, give blood and walk to work. Unfortunately that means someone is going to miss geting my blood. I'm sorry to that person, I hope you'll be ok.

But I did walk across the street and vote. It would have been a waste of time had I anything else to do, but I didn't so I did. We'll see who wins.

I've registered for the SaskBlogs Meet in Regina on the 22nd of July (also Soulfood's B-day incidentally). I STRONGLY encourage all my fellow bloggers to head over to the page (LINK) and register, then come on out. I'll be there, as I once mentioned, trolling for booty, so I hope some fine ladies show up. Failing that, I'll be the one not trolling for booty.

And finally, although I haven't followed the Stanley Cup that intensley this year, I have kept an eye on it. So I'd like to send a shout out to the Oilers ... BRING THE CUP HOME TO CANADA BOYS!


brea said...

Hate to disappoint you, but this mighty fine booty won't be there. :(

Pilot said...


Demoncrush said...

I voted in advance yeppers I'm a Keener. I wish I could attend the Saskbloggers Meet but I'm going to plug the Cannington Manor Special event day instead for July 22nd. Black Powder demonstrations, old tyme bands, horse rides, tomahawk throwing, lots and lots of food (usually free) and many baked goods (wood oven baked). Plus you'll get to see me dressed in authentic 1880's clothing. Come one come all!!!