Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Aboriginal Day

As well may or may not know, I spent a year of my life in La Ronge. While there I wrote a song I called "Sins in God's Country". It was my response to what I saw everyday in that beautiful place. All around me was beauty, grand sky, endless trees that turned every colour of the rainbow in September, unimaginable masses of water. Beautiful. I'm pretty sure Eden was within a 40 Km radius of La Ronge.

And yet on my walk to work I'd see people in the depths of emotional and physical pain. Slaves to alcohol, poverty, drugs (and we're not just talking the stuff we generally think of, inhalants and solvents for these guys), disease and injury. Amist all of God's beauty was a prime example of how disgusting man can be to himself. In a nation that prides itself on it's humanitarian service, the people who made that country great are withering away.

The reason I'm writing this is as my good pal Rhonda points out on her blog, today is Aboriginal Day. She has an excellent essay on what it's like to be aboriginal in Canada today, Please go read it. She is not exaggerating. These conditions truly exist. And yet, Bob Geldof hasn't made a concert for them, Bono hasn't walked among them and harrassed our Prime Minister, and our brave and wonderful Prime Minister has generously cut funding to aboriginals in favour of corporate tax cuts.

I think it's about time the people in this country got their fucking shit together. We elect officials who look after the rich and most vocal. As long as the budget balances, hey who fucking cares right? Well I have something to say to those with that attitude.


I am sick and tired of our government wasting millions of dollars on scandals, elections, superfluous levels of government, war and all that other shit while our own people are starving. It's about fucking time we stopped caring about power, parties, skin colour, fiscal balance, religion and history and started to make sure that every single person in Canada is fed, clothed, housed, educated and respected. This can be done without disrespecting each others cultures and history.

There, I've said my peice. Call me a communist if you like, hell even disagree with me. I know I'd sleep better at night knowing that there aren't any children going to bed cold and malnourished only a few hundred kilometers away, while someone else drives a BMW to work.


Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

thank you Jeremy. You said what I can't, and only because msn won't let me say the f word.

Janine said...

I lived in LA for a good year too and share your observations. One of the most beautiful places on earth overshadowed by the decay of society.

Pilon, A said...

Your a communist. But, since I agree with you, I guess I'm one too.(remember, in theory, communism works)

kyle h said...

man, i like where your head is at on this topic.i wouldn'd mind hearing this song you recorded in la ronge.