Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More great stuff from my journal !

Every twenty pages or so in or around a post I've written "Download Simon and Garfunkel". It happens a bunch. I just started to download some.

Woo... this one is harsh...
from Feb 23, 2006
"I am retiring Pilot's World tonight. I'm gonna go out, take a good picture of myself and Bootsy, write a goodbye letter and KILL PILOT."

Seems almost suicidal... it wasn't supposed to be, I just wasn't into blogging. Yikes.

On another note, I'm also listening to some really good music right now. if anyone wants to hear a beautiful cover that takes a song from it's true writer, go listen to "Bridge Over Troubled Water" as sung by Johnny Cash (with Fiona Apple). I think Paul Simon is a brilliant songwriter, and couple that with the endlessly deep soul and voice of Johnny Cash and the ingenious production techniques of Rick Rubin and you have a song of unimagined brilliance. I think better even than "Hurt".


Soulfood said...

You haven't heard "Bridge Over Troubled Water" until you've heard Clay Aiken sing it. It's AMAZING.

Pilon, A said...

Clay Aiken is a fag.

Pilot said...

thanks andrew

Danny said...

Anyone who names there kid after putty is asking for him to be the biggest sucky suck that ever sucked. And yes Clay is even gayer then Andrew.