Monday, June 26, 2006


I just posted some pics from this weekend at Pilot's World Photo Labs. There are a couple different photo sets in the album, but it's marked Winnipeg Project.

I'm working simultaneously on the Old Skool website. I'm definetly walking the line betweend smug and mischevious and brilliantly cute. The idea is basically having the band's name featured in old rock monuments. Like stonehenge. So we'd have OLD SKOOL ROCK! Get it? Well I tried. Maybe I'll just change what's already there.

Check out where it's goin -


soop said...

psst ... drop the guitar to a background image and lower the res on it a bit, it's a pain in the ass to loadup after you already get the click to enter.

also check for templates ...



Soulfood said...

I looked at the pictures. It is my educated opinion that you need to shave.

Oh, and Bootsy looks really old in one picture.

Pilot said...

I didn't design the page that's up, I'm working on something a bit more streamlined. I've got a degree in this... heck Pilot's World is designed from scratch by me so, I'll figure it out.