Friday, July 28, 2006

Now, I'm not trying to be indignant

I don't want to sue anybody. Frankly I'm happy my idea has come to fruition. I just want to brag a bit. Is that so much to ask

Back in Novemeber of '04 not long after starting this blog, I posted a Big Idea post. Today whilst searching the web for something to do, I found it. Nestled in a Neatorama article was my idea come to life. If you had trouble mentally envisioning what I was talking about, here it is, WikiMapea.

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Saskboy said...

I'd love it if some of my ideas were mass produced. Something like a cell phone in a watch, that also can read a computer screen through a camera, and thus input data like a PDA, without typing. It would also play and record sound of course, and could have a USB interface in the band.