Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ok sorry folks. I want to do an experiment and I'm just hoping to get a bunch of eyes to increase my sample group.

Ok I'm going to post a question coming up. Please post the best answer you can give to this question. Don't look up the answer, don't try and cheat. Whatever answer you give is the correct one. I'll explain everything in a few days, once I'm content with the amount of response.

And now, the question I would like you to answer.

"Who is Billy West"

Comment moderation will be on during this time in order to avoid accedental contamination of the experiment. Please answer only once, concequently, once you have answered, go ahead and look it up. Like I said, I'll explain everything later. Thanks!!!


Pilon, A said...

He's the dude that plays one of the voices on Futurama..not sure which one but he's the first or second...I'm thinking second, name that pops up in the credits.

Soulfood said...

You didn't put a question mark, so it's a statement, not a question.

Beyond the grammatical problems...

Billy West. This is one of the aliases of bin Laden.

You see, Billy West was an outlaw in the old Wild West. He had his name on Wanted posters everywhere!! But no one could catch him. Sheriffs would catch a glimpse of him, but not even the best sheriffs could arrest him. You see, Billy West had kidnapped the governor's daughter. They hopped on the governor's personal train car in Cheyenne. They were headed to Dallas, but when the train got there, Billy and the daughter weren't on the train. No one knew what had happened to them. You see, 5 sheriffs had followed the train and it never once slowed down. No one knew how they had managed to get off a speeding train under heavy security. After this incident, every lawman in the land was looking for Billy West. There was no apparent reason for him to kidnap the governor’s daughter, but rumours ran rampant. The most widely believed was that Billy couldn’t get a girl because he was so evil, so he kidnapped the governor’s daughter to force her to become his wife and have his children. Every little while, once or twice a year, Billy would show up somewhere and stir up trouble. It was like he was a ghost though! He escaped from every situation. He even showed up at the policeman’s ball, made sure everyone saw him, and still managed to escape! No one knows how he did this.

Anyway, Billy West was never found. Not ever. Eventually, police stopped looking. There came a point where there was no way he could still be alive. If he was human, he had to have died, because he was just that old. The stories of Billy West have gone by the wayside, but recently because of the internet, have resurfaced. Because of the similarities between him and Bin Laden (no one being able to catch them), people in what used to be the Wild West now call bin Laden “Billy West.”

So, Billy West is either the outlaw I told you about, or Osama bin Laden

Shock1156 said...

I believe Billy West is a voice actor, famous for the voices he did on the classic (and soon to be returning series) Futurama.

Danny said...

I donno exactly who he is but I think he does one of the voices on Futurama. I'm not gonna look up the answer I'm gonna wait for someone to tell me cuz I feel lazy. What did the Amish man tell his wife?? Nothing

Demoncrush said...

The guy who played the voice of 'Fry' on futurama?

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