Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Martial Arts and Curtis Dagenais

Well the word is out now that Curtis Dagenais the man "suspected" in the murder of two RCMP officers and charged in the attempted murder of a third has written a letter to the Edmonton Sun (of all places), pretty much blaming the RCMP for the whole incident. Although they haven't proven conclusively that it's his writing, it's being taken as his based on some of the details expounded in the letter.

This weekend I had a run in at a small house party with a gentleman of very simmilar carriage. Although the situation is slightly different the attitude is the same, "No matter how bad I fuck up, it's someone else's fault." This isn't the first time I've run upon people like this, and definetly won't be the last. I don't want to be too insulting, this is a relative of a friend, but I was a guest in this gentlemans home, and was entertaining his guests on guitar and he could find nothing but insults and negative emotions to send in my direction.

Now the thing that crossed my mind that night was "I wish I knew how to fight". And I don't mean like Karate or one of those other crappy martial arts where you can't use it unless it's absolutely nessesary. I want one that can be used in almost any situation that has the following characteristics;

a) Painful for the receiver
b) Temporarily incapacitating
c) Humiliating
d) Fast
e) Leaves some long-term but not permanent mark
f) Doesn't permanently injure the person.

Basically the idea is that as soon as one of these guys comes along and starts flashing his balls around, you quickly kick the shit out of him, shame him and put him in his place. And make it so he can remember it for a few days afterwards. Maybe next time he'll think twice.

Oh I know I realize the danger in this, but I'm tired of going into situations with "off the handle" people who are rude, dangerous and angry. Sometimes I want a weapon too.


Danny said...

Jeremy I could totally teach you a few things but it aint as easy as you think. You need to know what your doing and have the instinct to do them. But i'm working 4 nights in a row starting wed so come on down, Bring a friend or 7.

rob said...

remember jeremy, violence isn't the answer, mean practical jokes are far more effective and entertaining...

so is keying his/her car

Danny said...

Dude you and me should do that. It'd rock. And with 2 of us we'd get twice as much vandalizing done. But it does feel better, much better hurting the person instead of his car/house/garden gnome

Pilon, A said...

The guy turned himself in now.

Pilot said...

Probably did it because of my post. He knew he had an asskicking coming if I ran into him.

Demoncrush said...

I'm with Danny a god vandalizing is always fun.

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