Friday, July 28, 2006

This week...

... in earnest, I've been working on some of my photography stuff (in addition to trying to keep up with my music). Thanks by the way to everyone's kind comments not only on the two pics I posted here the other day, but also on the until now top secret Photo Gallery Blog I started.

I gotta say the hardest part to date is the prints. I've got the Photoshop post-editing down to a science and I think I'm making alot of headway on how to shoot pics, but this printmaking is still a learning process. And I still haven't ventured into film printing yet. I've got 2 - 1/2 rolls shot and haven't printed them yet. Can't wait to check them out.

Amazing how freaking long this print I'm doing now is taking... about 1/2 hour just in the printing... and if I fucked it up I'll do it again. God bless art.

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