Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Long one

Ok this will be a long post. But I feel like typing tonight.

Firstly... I haven't made an apology on this blog for a while... so here goes. I apologize to all my kickass friends for that post yesterday. As shitty as my life gets, I've got two things I can count on to cheer me up, my friends and my family. You all kick ass.

Second, I've got a new best friend. I'm working on the paperwork to get him officially named my new BFF (Best Friend Forever). Sorry to all you other guys, but last night as I sat freezing my ass off in the back of a beat up old Dodge doing 120 down a grid road with a beer in my hand and fireworks wizzing over my head, I knew this guy was a soul brother. Also he likens me to Alice Cooper because we both call him Steven. Me and Alice Cooper... how fucking cool is that?! (Oh and Steven, I've "taken care" of the uh... photo...)

What else? Oh yes, Rush. So I recently found out that Rush are working on an album for a summer 2007 release. That means tour and all that good Jazz. I propose to begin saving up for said tour and going wherever I need to go to see them. Even if it means getting on a plane and going to Europe. I SHALL SEE RUSH BEFORE I DIE!

Hmm... oh Friday night. While I had a slightly negative guitar playing incident on Friday night, once the smoke cleared, I did play the best rendition of "Yesterday" by the Beatles that I have ever played in my life. I finally swallowed my pride and used my "falsetto" singing voice for the high parts and just NAILED it. I've always been reluctant to use my falsetto because I hear people like my Dad, who is a great singer, switch to their falsetto and it all goes to shit. Guess it's all in the practice (and confidence). So there you go Michelle... now how can I hit those low notes?

Anyways, I just got off of 8 days of straight drinking and last night was ROUGH.... I'm still a little drunk I think. I have more good stuff for y'all tommorrow.


Michelle said...

You have to use your chest voice and let the sound just sit in usually use your throat voice....once you know about the three it's just a matter of trying them and really concentrating on where the sound is coming from and when you should swtich though most people try to stay using one voice cause ya it takes a lot of practice to make the switch seem seemless. good luck!!!!

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