Saturday, December 20, 2008

Women and Clothing

Ah the fairer sex! I, like all men throughout history, will never understand women.

In particular concern to me right now is my wife's ability to buy clothes. In the 2+ years we've been together, I've seen my lovely lady change her feathers so many times and so many ways, it makes my head spin. Sometimes I'm reminded of Veronica in the Archie comics, never wearing the same thing twice and having a closet full of clothes.

It's not that I feel she literally has too many clothes, but where I'll go and buy clothes say... 2 times a year, she's got that schedule every month. More boggling is the fact that in these weeks leading up to Christmas she's coming home with new clothes. To me this would be a massive no-no... and not because of the obvious problem of "what if someone is getting you that for Christmas?" but simply because I'd rather eat a box of salt than go shopping during Christmas season without a good reason. Clothes aren't a good reason.

But perhaps I'm to blame. My wardrobe is not exactly one with a lot of variety. T-Shirts, cargo pant and socks make up 95% of my wardrobe. It's not that I don't want to expand on it sometimes. I would like a good pair of jeans or two, and some cool sweaters and button up shirts would be nice to expand into, I just never have the drive or frankly the money to go shopping willy-nilly. Besides, I COULD be spending that money on important things... like beer or male enhancement pills (go ENZYTE!). It doesn't help that despite my amateur wardrobe building skills, I've actually got a pretty picky sense of what I like to wear, so it's not like I can just send Rhonda to do my shopping for me.

So I guess we leave it at that, just another mystery between the sexes right up there with "Why do women go to the bathroom together?" and "How is it that the volume of the contents of a womans purse exceed the volume of the purse and yet the purse never looks full?" Or the ultimate mystery, "How can women suffer childbirth and be raring to have another 3 months later?" Totally weird!

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Daizy said...

Hey, if your body expanded and contracted as much as mine, you'd also have to purchase several clothing items.

Also, in my defense I may shop and buy clothes but I NEVER buy make up or purses and rarely buy shoes.