Monday, December 01, 2008

So looks like we're gonna have a coalition

This seems to me a pretty good deal. The pundits are spouting a lot of hostorical facts about it, but considering the fact that the last time there was a federal coalition in Canada, my great-great-grandfather was my age... well I'd say all bets are off.

One moment, my wife made me an excellent cup of coffee and I need to sit staring in the distance, holding the cup in both hands and smile with a satisfied look in my eye.

Damn good coffee.

So as I was saying. I think its a pretty good deal for democracy. "WHAT?" You say? "How can a group of people seizing power from an elected leader be democratic?" Each member of the coalition will have been elected by their ridings to represent them so by agreeing to run the House, they're more effectively serving their constituents. Also, by having 2-3 parties involved in negotiating any new laws or changes, the changes that happen will be more moderate and theoretically more acceptable to a greater portion of the nation's population. Add to this that the parties that aren't Conservatives in the house are center-left parties, and the center-left actually took more seats.... well you see where my thinking is.

I'm cheering on the coalition, it worked in Afghanistan right?


Daizy said...

Guatemalan Organic, a dark and full bodied brew. Yum yum!

Soulfood said...

Shanna is not so pleased about this development.

But it's DAMN INTERESTING! I like interesting!