Monday, December 08, 2008

Playin' an Open Mic

Hey all. I'm gonna be strummin' out some tunes with my lovely wife Rhonda backing me up on the o'l hand drum on Wednesday night (Dec 10) at the Exchange. I'm guaranteed one song, but if people like me I can play longer. So come out and like me! Doors open at 6:30, show is at 7 and I play when they put me on. I think the cover is a donation of your choice to Amnesty, but I can't be sure. For more info, please visit .

This is one of hopefully about a half-dozen open mics I'm hoping to do over the next few months as a warm-up and development stage of a solo project. Trying not to jump the gun too much on the poject, but I hope to get a few decent gigs this summer, then work on a recording next winter to start pushing summer 2010.

Keep up to date on the project at my MySpace page and please support my work if you're interested, I have children to feed. I'll keep you up to speed on major developments here at Pilot's World too.

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Pilon, A said...

what's a "poject"

I know, I'm being an asshole.