Saturday, December 06, 2008


Ug. Shopping. Actually I've brought Tai along with me to do my Christmas shopping and she provides endless entertainment. Rhonda is gonna love her ##@@$$$@@ for Christmas and I got her the most wonderful 03984555444433 for her birthday. Got some nice treats for my mom and dad today as well, so I now just need to get some little things for the girls and I'll be off to the races.

Tracked down a MIDI keyboard today for $50 from Doug (Linger guitarist). Looking forward to having access to a keyboard as it's gonna help me work with my fancy-pants software, Buzz. I've been using a forum on the software to learn how to use it, so I signed up just as a matter of respect for the community, but I have trouble posting anything. I'm no expert yet on the stuff, and most of the questions I have about the software are answered by a simple search. So I mostly just pop into the "Off-Topic" section of the message board and chat. Forums are very strange communities, but they're also a veritable motherlode of information.

Tai has a synchronized swimming show tonight, and SGI is putting on their kids carnival tommorrow afternoon. So it's Dad weekend for me!

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