Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ok; Still in Bejing.


After my last post, I headed to the airport, got my money and headed to get a ticket home. As luck would have it, if I stayed the night and left in the morning, I could get my ticket for half price, and accommodations would be a small concern, according to the kind woman at the ticket counter.

I left the airport for the downtown where I was told I would find a hotel with ease. I arrived in the crowded downtown, and soon came along a small stand in an alley. A nice gentleman sold me five DVD's - Charlie Bartlett, Dark Knight, Pineapple Express, Step-Brothers and The Office Season 3 for $5US - A deal to me.. and I had heard about some of these Asian countries selling cheap bootleg movies.

Just as the money was changing hands, a police officer rounded the corner and there I was, in the back of a truck with about 8 street vendors, sans passport or wallet.

I spent the night in a frighteningly sterile cell, isolated from the remainder of the group. I didn't sleep a wink, no clue of the language, no money, passport, phone. They even took my car keys. Just my clothes and belly button lint (I would soon resort to amusing myself playing catch with myself using the latter).

The next morning a soldier came in returned my wallet, phone, keys and passport. The wallet had been conveniently lightened. I still had my ticket, but had already missed my plane by the time I made it to the airport.

Oh my time at the internet cafe is nearly up. I've got to e-mail my parents and wife before time runs out. i'll Talk to you all later.

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