Friday, August 08, 2008

Ok a Demand and a solution.... to a couple problems....but I might need help.

Ok folks, I've been busy with life - baby and allsuch. But I've got some complaints and some possible solutions...

Problem 1 - The death of the Sask Blogs Aggregator. This was a great resource and not a week would go by that I wouldn't pop in to see how the province was doing. My favourite thing to do was to visit in the hours following a Rider game and see how people were reacting. Carm and crew at CKRM do a great job reviewing the game, but it's fun to hear it from the people. I offered a possible solution to SaskBoy recently then was broadsided with/by life. So I offer this out there to anyone with the time and enthusiasm to pursue it.

- Start a feedtwister account. Begin plugging in RSS feeds from sites submitted and farmed from the original Saskblogs Aggregator - the Blogroll still works and can be seen on the right side of this blog...use it. Then take the generated code and plug it into free or personal webspace. If I could, I would recommend They also offer fantastic scripts. I think of interest to a page like this would be a message board and a news page, but there are tonnes of scripts and even a small amount of imagination and drive could expand the concept quite a bit... SaskGallery, SaskSMS.. whatever! I'd do it myself, but hey... I blog like once a month.

If I'm lucky.

Problem 2 - No CFL scores in RSS or SMS form. Argh! I've been using my cell-phones SMS ability to a great extent of late. I have it receiving my daily Google Calendar Schedule, Sending me severe weather warnings, a daily forecast and I'm thinking of a few more. One of the ones I'd like it an update at the end of each CFL game on the score of that game.. who won-who lost. The best I can find out there right now includes league news, team and player news, scores and lengthy descriptions. My initial thought is to subscribe to the scores online and in any other way possible, then post them to a blog whose RSS feed one could subscribe to via My Yahoo and use their SMS feature OR start a broadtexter account and let people subscribe to the feed.

Again - time time time.

So until the time someone gets more time than me - help yourself, these ideas are licenced in the public domain.

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