Saturday, August 09, 2008


Ok so something weird happened yesterday after that last blog. I just kinda snapped. So I cashed in a bunch of my savings, bought a plane ticket to Bejing, and here I am. At the Olympics.

Pretty cool pictures from the opening ceremonies for you here...

I haven't really got anywhere to sleep yet, and I stayed up pretty much all night... and morning is coming soon. I stepped into this internet cafe to get a coffee and collect my thoughts. Here I am in a foreign country where I don't understand the language, and all I have is my cell phone, my wallet, with a work credit card and my debit card in it, and my passport.

Rhonda said her favourite Olympic event to watch was swimming, so I think I might go check that out, once I find somewhere to get some sleep.

I'm so tired and this keyboard is really weird.

I'll talk to you guys soon.


Soulfood said...

Sheesh. Why couldn't you have snapped in 2 years when the Olympics are in Vancouver? Would have been a lot cheaper.

rob said...

i'd be a lot more convinced if you spelled Beijing correctly ;)