Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back at the Internet Cafe

Ok, so I'm back at the internet cafe that I was at last time. Been very strange, but I had to try and stay in familiar territory.

I called Rhonda just after the last blog, I thought that she might be excited that I was going to go check out the swimming. She asked if I had even thought of getting a round-trip ticket. I hadn't. So about twenty minutes later, once she had reached through the international phone cable and pulled my testicles out my throat, we arranged for her to borrow some cash and Western Union it to me at the airport here. I can get on a plane and get home.

Sorry babe.

I ended up heading to the swimming pavilion not too long later. I would learn at the front door that no event started that day until 2. So I went for a walk around the arena to pass some time and consider my next move. Suddenly I was hit with a very sudden need to find a bathroom. I suppose it's not necessarily wise to drink fountain water in a city whose air is thick enough to pour on pancakes. I ran to a side door of the arena and threw the first door I saw open and ran down a hall. Thankfully, the little man on the door means the same thing in China as in Canada, and I soon found relief.

Emerging from the stall I realized I had entered a changing room and had direct access to the pool deck. Following my keen pool-health knowledge, I removed my shoes and proceeded to check out the pool. Any ex-pool boy is gonna be curious what China built for a pool for the OLYMPICS. Got a good pssic -

I headed back out and sat down on a seat to put my shoes on to leave. I must have leaned back to collect my strength to leave and I just passed out.

The next thing I knew, I was being shaken and a young Chinese man with poor English was above me imploring, "Please Meestar. I will be punished if you are found here. Jail for you. Leave now quickly!" As I ran out of the building I could see a lineup developing at the doors.. it was nearly noon.... I had entered the building at 5 or 6 in the morning.

So I decided to make my way back here and update the world on what's happening. Rhonda will be excited to see my pool photo. Hopefully my next post will be from the airport, waiting for the plane to take me home. I might go check out a store or something on my way to the airport and see what's up. Gonna check my e-mail here too.


Soulfood said...

Whoa! This blog has been updated! Since the 22nd. But I swear it hasn't been showing on ANY of my computers. What the hell?

Now, go read my blog, comment, and all will be well.

Daizy said...

you shit head! When you get back to Canada I'm gonna...

Saskboy said...

This is pretty funny :-) Cool idea.

Daizy said...

You've left us hanging here...and I'm quite concerned about parenting our children while you're off on this adventure...did you land in jail or something? Details!