Monday, March 24, 2008

Well the morning was nice... wise that is.

Updated the ol' blogroll on the right there. If I'm missing anyone who wants to be listed, let me know. Had lots of links to dead blogs. Or at least on life support.

Getting a little nervous about this meeting tonight. I've never met Ariel face to face, so I'm hoping she's open to us. I've studied up though, and made my gameplan. Now just to prep Rhonda and Scott and then knock e'm dead! If you're in Regina on Friday night go check her out at the Club (Exchange) or in Weyburn on Saturday night at Pump Jacks. She's got her CD release at the Club on April 26th, please make an effort to check her out that night as she's shooting for a sell-out as a good piece of promotion.

Should hopefully be able to announce the Linger CD release party this week. We're planning it for the Multipurpose Room at the U of R, the caveat right now is that it might need to be on a weeknight. As long as it happens before the baby, I'm a-ok. Ideally, we should probably just wait until summer but we've been promising this thing for basically a year, so no further delay should be allowed. I'm hoping to have time to get the webpage together. It's kinda hard to motivate, the page will have basically what the MySpace page has, with just more organized graphics - the content will be nearly identical.

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