Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour a Success Here

We had the lights out for about 75 minutes for Earth Hour. While Tai didn't seem to quite get the idea that lights were not at all allowed, we did have a good time playing cards by candlelight and drinking lemonade.

I think we should do it once a month!


Saskboy said...

I ate a candle light supper, and went out for a walk taking photos.

Mark Bauche said...

I had my lights out by way of not being in the house. I really think that they should set it for a bit more challenging a time than 8 - 9pm on a Saturday, as naturally a lot of people will be out of their houses, and that's just cheating. It should be earlier in the day or a weeknight or something.

Just a thought.

H said...

fresh squeezed lemonade + brownies = civil war reenactment

Daizy said...

Yep, Tai thought it was HILARIOUS that we would even bring up the civil war reenactment. She howled.

Next time we play earth hour I'm think I'm gonna make me some brownies.

Mmmmmm brownies.

Saskboy said...

Once a month sounds like a good idea. Want to challenge each other to pick a Saturday (or other day we're at home typically) and go off for an hour at 8PM?

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