Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh Blah Di Oh Blah Da Life Goes On... oh!

Did the turkey thing last night at the mother-in-laws. Did something else there last night, but that's Rhonda's news to share, so I'll let y'all check it out on her blog (she hasn't got anything there yet, but I can assure you she will... and yes, she is going mad, but she looks good doing it).

Met with a representative for an artist we're trying to get on the label. I'm very excited, we're booked to meet with her on Monday, and I hope we can all come to an agreement together on what we should do. She's got a great voice, pretty and a hard worker. I think we have a winner, now I hope she thinks she has a winner in us.

Tai mysteriously found a bunch of candy kicking around the house this morning. Very weird how it just shows up like that. If anyone else has heard of such a thinig, let me know, I'm wondering if I should call the police.

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