Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thank God I Bought Tickets for next weeks game!

WHOO! Holy CRAP what a good football game. I thought the Riders had lost it. Just out played, but it appears we aren't as stupid as Wally Buono. He's gonna get a new asshole ripped for him tonight.

To my new BC reader... Andrew... my team beat your team!

Man next weekend is gonna be sold OUT and I GOT TWO TIX. OH YEAH!


Soulfood said...

You know, you're really making an assumption that he'll continue to read you blog. He might not, now that he's a BC guy.


Danny said...

THC will not let you people down, he is a super hero.

Kendra said...

You mean the RIDERS WON!!!!!!! OH MY FU**ING GOD!!! HELL YA!!!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down* Jer babe you gotta keep me posted!!! PLEASE!!! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! JUST TELL ME HOW THEY DO!!!