Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crazy Fun Extravaganza! Part 2

When we last left our heros, they were dangling precariously from a cliff in the west Indies. Gandlaf had fallen to his death, and Luke Skywalker had found out his worst enemy was his father, his lover was his sister, and his hand had been cut off, so he couldn't even jerk off.

We awoke the next morning slowly. Mark ran to town to get us some water as being on a farm owned by Binns' there is naturally no running water. Or gravity.

We spent most of the morning strolling around the area, visiting the four horses in the area, commiting petty theft, constructing a meth lab and generally being wacky. I think 7000 photographs were taken in this short period.

At noon we rushed to town to the "gift opening" (although all gifts were already open), had some great "Greatest Hit's of the Wedding" food and generally had a good time. Frisbee was played with some abandon.

At 4ish, Mark and I would part ways with Kat and Rob and head back to Weyburn, where for the rest of the week, I would recuperate. Somewhere in there, I found out that Old Skool had been booked to play Kyle McDonald's Housewarming Party in Kipling (The Guy with the Paperclip).

The week was uneventful really. Friday night I spent at my parent's place with my family, getting drunk and playing "Scene It". I would also find out on Friday that for no apparant reason, my phone was cut off. It would be fixed before I awoke the next morning, but it had me worried for a bit.

Saturday, I headed to Kipling with Muray and Linda (with a Y). I brought my whole amp stack.. mostly to show off.

The show was a little rough around the edges, and a bit in the middle, and there was considerable structural damage, rust and infested with termites. But we got through it ok and people seemed to be happy to hear us, so maybe I was the only person that noticed.

The band took some great pictures that night with the assistance of photographer extraordinaire, Mark, assisted by the man himself, Rob.

Mark, Rob and I parted ways with Old Skool then and headed out to the campgrounds to meet up with some of Mark's friends and ... well see what mayhem would insue.

The rest of the night is a bit foggy. I remember smoking in the back of the Club Treehouse Cube Van, of Red Paperclip fame (damn you Capitan Black), had a passionate discussion about the IHOP and watertowers in Fargo from a genuine Fargoodlian and jamming with Rob and Mark's old friend Brad. Rob and I headed home about midnight or so.

Sunday would dawn with the promise of a Labour Day Classic.... my favourite type of football game. Despite being seated somewhere south of Moose Jaw, the game was fantastic and razzlin' Blue Bombers fans is now officially my favourite full contact sport. I decided that night that I'd had a full enough couple weeks, skipped going to a party Kristie was putting on (sorry yo, next time!) and just generally died from there.... I think I started blogging again shortly thereafter, so now you're up to date!

Coming soon! More pictures from the "Crazy Fun Extravaganza", a totally new "Mark Interacts with Animals" to promote the opening of his new blog (HINT HINT) and ... post number 501... yep this is my 500th post!

Talk to you all soon, I got some more wackiness, insane conspiracy theories, a big announcement in the coming weeks and some useless links planned. So stay tuned... I'm back.


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Demoncrush said...

Did you get to meet the paperclip guy in all that wackiness?

Pilot said...

Yes, but only briefly