Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sick Day

Was feeling like a big ball of shit at work today, so I took the latter part of the shift off. Naturally as soon as I get home, I get to feeling better. Maybe it's all the chemicals at work.

Anyways, might as well regale y'all with a story.

Went for a walk with my sister and her boyfriend yesterday to enjoy what aspects of Global Warming that we could. Lo and behold if on the trip we didn't come across a huge spill of oil on the street, draining into a storm sewer. I called my dad, the fire chief in town, to inquire who to call. He said "you would call me, I'll take care of it." and that was about that. Felt pretty good for taking some good environmental action and continued on my day.

So my dad calls me after work to chastise me. "Any idea how much paperwork you caused me?". Sounds like there's like 3 or 4 organizations involved with something like this and it poses a major risk to the Souris River which is considered a major, fish bearing water way. I thought it was pretty funny that I was the hippie and my dad ended up with the paperwork. Oh well, it's his fault for raising me with a moral responsibility to the planet.

Moral of the story : Dispose of oil properly and if you have a spill, clean it up or call the fire department for help.


Danny said...

Good job Buddy!

kat said...

hurray for hippies!! yeah rob and i went for a walk the other day and found five hypodermic needles in the gutters...nice.

Kim said...

Omg, 5? what the hell, our city might have a new name soon, we shall call it winnipeg

Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

the fire department can pick up sharps like that... seems kinda harsh to call them, but they are part of the haz-mat team that does that (on top of cleaning oil spills). I used to find them behind micah's place in the alley too... but not nearly as much as when i lived in the north end off of 4th ave. Scary stuff!!

Danny said...

Alright you sick tree hugging street gang starting hippy. Can you get my a Linger CD? I'll like give you money or something or exchange it for some favor, perhaps on a drunken friday night. *wink*