Tuesday, January 16, 2007


OK FOLKS! I just got the call from the majors. The legendary (and endlessly sexy) Linger has asked me to join them in the capacity of bass player (live at least) and we are performing February 16, 2007 at the Exchange in Regina!

So in order to display how FREAKING STOKED I am about this whole development, I am having another kickass PILOT'S WORLD CONTEST!!! This contest is kickass easy to enter. All you have to do is head over to the Linger MySpace Page ( http://www.myspace.com/lingerbandcanada ), check out their two songs and e-mail the names of those two songs to me at pilot@pilotsworld.ca with all your vitals. I'll have an impartial draw on Feb 9 and inform the winner by e-mail then make arrangements.

So what is the prize?

Glad you asked! It's so good, it's a prize PACKAGE!
- Free admission to the show on Feb 16th at the Exchange for you and a friend
- Free ride to (and from) the show from anywhere between Weyburn and Regina for you and a friend.
- Free copy of their latest release and first full length album, "The Root of Truth"
- Meet and greet with the band.
- If there's an after-party, I'll try and get you invited.

The only catch with the contest is if you aren't actually IN Regina, your ride in will be early afternoon Sat, and back will be about the same time Sunday, and I don't think I have accommodations for you in Regina... so if you bring your own wheels, you'll still get the rest of the prize pack.

The band isn't putting up any of the prize pack (as it stands), but I told them (Dave) about the contest, so they might just put up some extras. So go check out the page today and get those entries in today!!!


David Roman said...

Actually the show is on a Friday Jerm, not a Saturday. Way to Go! geez.

Soulfood said...

Are you sure you want him to play with you Dave??

Danny said...

Guess what sheep lover. I shall be there. I might even give you back your fricken herpes you fartknocker.

soop said...

3 lines

Shine through