Friday, January 26, 2007

Magic 103.5 FM is the coolest radio station on the freaking planet.

OK FOLKS. So last week, I finally got my name entered into the draw for tickets to see the Tragically Hip in Regina. I'd been trying all month to get my name in, so was quite releived when I got in. To my shock, the next day, I would learn that I won the tickets to see the show!

So off the g/f and I ran to the Brandt Center to see the show. We ran into premier Lorne Calvert and his wife at the show. Rhonda had mentioned that she was a hardcore NDPer, little did I know that her family and the Calverts often popped each others back acne.

Anyhoo, the show was a SMASHING success and I'd like to share with everyone a video I took at the show

So once again, thanks to Magic 103.5 and especially the kickass staff at the morning show, GREG AND LAURA IN THE MORNING FOREVER!!!

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Pilon, A said...

Pfft..Tool was better.