Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wide Mouth Manson! Grr

So had a wild weekend. Played at this like family Christmas party last night... free $150 meal and free booze. Had to catch a ride home.

This afternoon I went and checked out Wide Mouth Mason at the CP Holiday Train with Holly, Rhonda and Tai. Mason rocked so hard the train derailed, tipped over and killed 14 people. Earl was playing guitar with his teeth at the time... he'll need extensive bridge work.


David Roman said...

yah, I didn't hear about that whole thing until it was too late unfortunately. Oh well, the last two times I saw them they funked it up old school. One of my fav Sask bands

H said...

This review is so posted on the WMM board.

Nicole said...

wasn't it Shaun playing with his teeth?

Pilot said...

Yeah it probably was, I'll admit, I really don't know their names well.

Sue me.