Monday, February 01, 2010

A Tad Suicidal.

So gonna try again for the millionth time to get myself on some sort of regular workout. I figure trying and failing a million times is like at least as many times you'll get one workout in.

So I'm trying for the Two Hundred Sit-up Challenge. A pretty hefty - and frankly one dimensional - workout program, but I have to incorporate in a fairly large way before June: an extensive cardio/walking training and probably phase in the 100 Pushups and 200 Squats Challenges too. One of my challenges in the walking/cardio will also involve training Bootsy, but I do need some sort of quantifiable goal program for that whole section yet.

You can follow my progress there on Twitter. Or just check out My Profile on their Logger.

What do I need all this before June for? One reason is a secret and the other I'll tell you about in a future post! (Hint - it involves buffalo!).

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