Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Hallows and more

Happy belated Halloween y'all!
Had a party here on Friday night. Had a pretty good crew out, only problems we had involved smoke detectors. Played the party psychology pretty well and actually had a reasonably early night. We decorated the house up like the scene of a serial killer murder. Not the best job done, but we had some cool stuff in the basement and alot of bloody hand and footprints around. All I can say it was the best meeting of Fidel Castro, a pimp, a witch, AWESOME-O and various underwear superheroes chaperoned by a faerie I've seen. Oh and some other guys wh
Not too much else happened this weekend, groceries, tuna casserole and a purchaseless rip around Chapters were the fun we had. Such is having kids. The wife and I even tried to park for a bit, but the baby would have none of that. So we had to eat cold Wendy's at home and watch SNL. It's like being in Junior High again, can't go anywhere fun, never have any money and have to be home by 9:00.

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