Friday, September 07, 2007

Nervous Ball of Nerves

I gotta say, I'm becoming an emotional wreck this week.

The wedding 8 days away is naturally a cause for some jitters. Less the commitment part, I've been pretty confident and sure about that bit for a few months now. It's the wedding day itself. It's been one controversy after another with this thing, on both sides of our family, and I can't help but think it might come to a head next week. It's a shame, because Rhonda and I are having this whole thing for the benefit of our friends and family, we'd be married and moved on by now. And plus, my family loves to poke fun and I'm just too strung out to deal with it all right now... I know they'll toilet paper my new house or something and I'll spend half the day cleaning up their prank when I could be moving or painting the house... but I suppose when you're one of the most accomplished pranksters in the county, you gotta expect some payback sometime.

My job search is not going anywhere, much to my chagrin. I've applied to dozens of jobs and haven't seen so much as an interview. I have a few resumes to hand deliver this weekend, hopefully something comes to fruition, because I've only got about 2-1/2 weeks of living saved up.

Then there's the move. While it will be a relief once it's done, there's still a myriad of things to do from address changes to utility moves to the physical act of moving. Note to others, don't get married, buy a house and change jobs at the same time... it's a wonder I haven't had a breakdown yet.


Soulfood said...

*pats you on the back*

It'll be fine.

Pilon, A said...

TOILET PAPER YOUR HOUSE! THAT'S A FANTASTIC IDEA! Just'd be lucky if that's all we did. I was thinking we'd paint it pink...mwhahaha!!!

Danny said...

Does somebody need a hug??
That is some good advice, not to tackle on more then you can handle at a time. Funny thing is its always the person giving the advice that never follows it, huh?

Daizy said...

Well... I'm sure that it's not going to make you feel any better when I tell you that I'm expecting quintuplets AND twins.

And Bootsy has chlamydia.

Anonymous said...

It's all good AND everything will work out.
Remember your idiot friends that tried to open a business, go on a 2 week honeymoon and get married all in a 6 week span?
We're rooting for you!!