Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things people need to consider when they design/build things...

I've worked in maintenance for almost 2 years now and already I'm seeing some major flaws in the way people design and build things. Most of them are simple common sense things, but here's some reviews,

- If you are using cables in your design, assume that they will break. Design so that the cables are easily replaced and won't hurt anyone when they do.
- Tamper resistant screws do nothing but piss people off. Tamper resistant Torx & Phillips, Triangle head, 3 pin head, spanner, tri-wing and all the rest can go fuck themselves. The only acceptable bits are normal Phillips, Robertson, Torx, Blade and Allen(hex). Oh and posidrive can eat a dick too.
- Remember someone will need to clean your project someday. This is especially important to realize in places like kitchens, hospitals, recreation facilities and schools... places where sanitation is important.
- Every door should be openable, even from locked with just one hand... less if possible.
- Some people are right handed, some are left, deal with it.
- There is no reason anything should be built low enough to hurt someone shorter than say 7 feet... more if it's say a basketball court, gym or Big n' Tall store.
- Lightbulbs burn out, someone has to change them, make that easy for them.

There will be more to come, but dammit I hafta get back to work. Just rememeber this : Things break, someone has to fix it, don't make their life hell... or worse dangerous.


Soulfood said...

*puts on her labour standards hat*

You have the right to refuse unsafe work.

*takes off her labour standards hat*

Pilon, A said...

*puts on his labour standards hat*

I'm going for supper.

*takes off his labour standards hat*

Danny said...

I want a hat..