Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well I dunno. Just never feel that much like blogging lately. I'm franlkly quite tired of people knowing about me, talking about me and saying things about me. Somehow it seems of late that everyone reads my blogs with relish and yet I find an extraordinary amount of backlash. I've backed down in some cases, stood my ground in others. No matter the outcome, I rarely feel I've won any battles and I've surely made even fewer points.

I'm retiring from Pilot's World ladies and gentlemen. I'm on MSN, I've got my music site coming up in the next month at and those with my e-mail address and phone number have every opportunity to reach me and speak to me in person about what my life is up to. If my friend in England can keep up, well you get the idea.

It's been a great run guys, thanks for your support over the past couple years and I wish you all the best in the future.

This site will remain as a monument to these years of my life.

Pilot's World
November 2004-April 2007


Soulfood said...

And another Pilon falls. I guess we just ran out of interest for the fad. Some of us got lives (you) and some of us just got alternative online lives (me!).

Welcome to the world of blog retirement!

(Oh, and I think Ever Caleb's turned to drug dealing...I'm not sure...)

Danny said...

Fairwell Buddy

Pilon, A said...

Wow, how many times have I heard that from you.

Rhonda said...

Don't stop sending useless links!! The world needs laughter.

domestikus said...

Well I'll still use this site for the links. I hate having to remember a bunch of URLs. Congratulations on moving out of the blogosphere. My days are just beginning, but I do look forward to my own retirement, godknowswhen.